About Us

Intrepid Retail was born from our frequent trips to overseas trade shows and conferences to find new innovations for our retail customers and add extra services to the security systems we had been supplying and maintaining since Noel Verbruggen established Intrepid Security 1993.

Since EAS Security Tagging was introduced into the UK from the USA in 1980, a lot has changed. Systems are more reliable and simpler to install and maintain. However, in that time, both customers and shoplifters have become a lot more sophisticated: customers want added value and a ‘retail experience’, shoplifters have found all manner of ways to circumvent security systems.

Intrepid Retail supplies retail systems to help your business make of the most of the customers who walk through your doors. Systems providing invaluable and accurate data to improve your customer service put you ahead of your competitors and improve your sales conversions.

The ethos behind Intrepid was and still is, the customer is king and we can give more by listening to what the customer wants. We’ll help you give your business the means to do just that and make every customer count.

Talk to us and see what Intrepid can do for your business.

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