Love your Feet - CCTV upgrade at Ugg stores.

interiorThink of a sheepskin boot and the first brand you think of is Ugg, world famous for their iconic de-constructed sheepskin boots, as worn by celebrities, a must have fashion item, delivering that rare combination of style and practicality.
Since their first stores opened in London in 2008, Intrepid has supplied and installed Invisible Loop, EAS tagging systems, providing premium protection for Ugg merchandise and have gone on to provide intelligent security solutions across a number of stand-alone stores in both the UK and Europe.
When the time came for the in-store CCTV systems to be upgraded, IT director James Reid approached us for a solution that would not only improve their view, but also provide consistency across all these sites. Retro-fitting the latest IP cameras would have involved re-cabling, loss of trading and was basically cost prohibitive, Paul Massey, Intrepid’s Technical Operations Manager explains:
‘UGG were looking to upgrade their estate with Quality HD digital pictures and increase storage capacity within the new DVRs, whilst using the same cable structure as the currently installed analogue systems
(RG59 coax).
This is where HD-TVI CCTV Technology comes into its own; HD-TVI Stands for High Definition – Transport Video Interface. This technology can support a mix of new HD-TVI Cameras as well as individual older Analogue cameras, that perhaps cannot be upgraded on the estate, due to type and or location.
TVI reduces installation time and cost by using existing installed Coaxial cables, whilst supporting clear HD Video signals (1020p/720p).
New High Definition images by simply upgrading the cameras and DVR and completed before each store opened for trade in the morning: a fast, cost effective way to achieve a fantastic result’.
Intrepid have now upgraded 9 stores, in the UK and Europe, installing from 8 to 16 HD-TVI cameras per store, supplied to Intrepid by innovative UK manufacturer, Norbain. The upgraded high resolution images and improved HD recording, gives the Ugg management team visibility from any PC, tablet smartphone or laptop, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Blooming into Covent Garden - People Counting for Petersham Nurseries

Accurate data by people counting from Intrepid

Tucked into the side of the River Thames in the shadow of Richmond Hill and the old Star and Garter Home, sits Petersham Nursery. Originally a garden centre, it was purchased by Gael and Francesco Boglione in 2000, who had also purchased and renovated Petersham House in 1997, a beautiful but dilapidated Queen Anne House adjacent and also on the banks of the Thames.
In 2004, after extensive restoration works, the nursery re-opened, completely transformed from a tatty tired garden centre, into an elegant shop and tea house selling furniture, gifts and antiques amongst the plants which adorned the restored wooden greenhouses and serving whole leaf teas and homemade cakes. The tea house grew into a Michelin star’d lunchtime restaurant under the helm of head Chef Skye Gyngell.
Fast forward to 2017 and the whole Boglione family is involved in every aspect of the business from the supply or organic meats, fruits and vegetables to the impressive cellar and now Petersham Nursery has now opened a beautiful new emporium in vibrant Covent Garden, bringing the best of the original Richmond ambiance with them. The shop at 31 King Street and the delicatessen at no 27 are now open for business with two new restaurants planned for Spring 2018, overseen by award-winning British chef Damian Clisby.
Following the footsteps of some major high street brands, Petersham nurseries has installed people counting from Intrepid in both the shop and the delicatessen, using Thermal People Counters. As the first foray away from the loyal following in west London, this makes perfect sense for an expanding business making it’s mark in central London. The thermal counting system will enable management to gather real time information to calculate conversion rates, measure promotions, judge stock saleability and of course, plan accurate staff requirements. By using our own specialist software and various metrics specifically tailored for each client and situation, Intrepid will provide invaluable accurate footfall figures, in real time, to ensure that the Petersham Nurseries maximises footfall, to continually improve customer service and profits.
General Manager Paul Newbury says, “Intrepid works hard to ensure our customers receive the most
reliable data and have developed our own software to ensure accurate counting. It’s not just a case of
counting heads. It’s important to understand how other outside influences can effect your data and we
have used our experience in this to continually improve our software. More and more retailers are
realising that without people counting it’s impossible to fully understand or actually improve conversion
rates and we continue to be evangelical about this. Without understanding how this effects your
business, we believe it is impossible to be competitive in this uncertain market”.

Indyme help buttons are used throughout this US store to improve customer service.

Intrepid Retail has signed a deal with Us innovator Indyme to market and sell their innovative Smart Response portfolio of retail customer service and alert systems into the UK at a particularly challenging time.
Indyme has an impeccable pedigree of research and development over 30 years and supplies the Smart
Response products to some of the best known retailers in the USA, generating measurable results for many of
the world’s leading brands, including, Lowes, Target and Walgreens. By working in conjunction with store operations, loss prevention and merchandising, Indyme has created solutions that really work. With a
combined 150 year’s worth of retail experience, the team has developed a complete understanding of the challenges faced in todays retail environment and are constantly innovating to keep pace with what both
customers and retailers want.
Indyme is a great fit for Intrepid Retail, complimenting the existing portfolio of retail systems, all of which have been carefully chosen to offer retailers a holistic and integrated approach to improved customer service, real time accurate sales and marketing data, security and ultimately a proven path to increased profits.
MD Noel Verbruggen is excited by the buzz surrounding Indyme and feels that this new working partnership has the potential to cement Intrepid Retail’s position as a market innovator in the UK. Indyme, Smart Response, is already being trialed by a number of high street nationals as well as a major department store group.
Noel comments, “Over the years, Intrepid have partnered with a number of manufacturers and innovators. This latest relationship is one that will see us increase our presence as a major supplier of retail technology “.

Cycle tracks - People Counting at Evans Cycles.

Evans Cycles have rolled out people counting across the whole estate.

In 1921, the first shop of F.W. Evans Cycles opened on the Kennington Road in south east London.
Trading from this site for thirty years, They built up a loyal customer base and a reputation as a quality cycle shop. Evans became particularly well known for building its own frames and bikes, earning an award from the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) for ỎThe greatest improvement in cycle design, construction or equipment during the year 1925ỏ.
After more than 50 years of trading at Kennington Road, and several changes of ownership, the redevelopment of the site saw the store relocated to The Cut in Waterloo in 1977, where a shop continues to trade today. The latest re-incarnation of that original Waterloo Cut store recently won the Retail Week Enterprise Award for Store Design of the Year in 2013.
During the 1990s, the company was able to reunite all the previously franchised stores under the umbrella of F.W. Evans Cycles (UK) Ltd.
In the Spring of 2015, Intrepid was approached by the new Retail Director who was passionate about People Counting and the potential value to the business, having come to Evans from another retailer where this technology was successfully introduced under his direction. Intrepid ran trials in 6 stores with Irysis thermal counters, mapping customers and revealing real time data to the management team. The trial was so successful, that just 4 months later, Intrepid Retail won the contract to roll out People Counting to 60 stores throughout the UK.
Evans Cycles are now using the information from their People Counting systems to provide data on conversion rates and are also using a number of other innovative data streams to streamline store operations. Weather analysis provides useful sales and customer number data to plan merchandising according to forecasts and the Retail operations team are now using data to plan and adjust opening
hours and staffing.
It’s been a huge success for Intrepid Retail and a profitable investment for Evans.

Swap shop kings trade in their old locks - PS Locks at CEX.

PS Locks at CEX Braintree

CEX is a familiar sight on most high streets and possibly every man, woman, child and geek, has been been through it’s doors at some point, to buy, sell or just browse it’s vast array of new and pre-owned personal communication devices, computors, games, and more recently CD’s, DVD’s, in fact everything and anything electronic you can think of.
If you are old enough to remember back in 1992 the first shop on Tottenham Court Road, an Aladdins’ cave of games consoles and personal music machines.
From that first shop and the mad idea that anyone would be interested in buying pre-owned electronics, CEX has grown to a massive on-line network as well as over 550 bricks and mortar stores globally, many with partner franchisees, buying, selling and trading. (Proving, of course, that the idea was completely sane, as well as profitable). Always looking for way to improve the store’s fit outs, CEX were looking for a way to improve the way the shops offered their products and interacted with customers, to ultimately make a smoother and therefore improved sales process. Up until this point, the display fixtures showcasing the products were unlocked by a staff member from behind a desk, which of course slows down the process and is sometimes a little off putting to some customers. The CEX design team were looking for a way to secure the merchandise, whilst at the same time, move the staff to the front of the fixtures to interact with customers on the sales floor. Of course, this now presented a problem of security as well as aesthetics – traditional glass cabinets locks are not the most attractive.
CEX looked at various options for locking a and securing their glass display cabinets and in fact trialed several options, including InVue. However, after trialling PS locks in their Braintree store, the design team had the perfect solution. PS Locks RFID Solo lock, needs no wiring as it is battery operated with a guaranteed minimum of 20,000 operations on a battery life. Designed to be invisible on solid materials and unobtrusive on glass, the Solo locks don’t detract from the merchandise, but keep everything secure, whilst using access cards or fobs, with no PC need to program, makes life much simpler for the staff demonstrating goods to customers and speeds up the sales process. PS continued to work with the CEX design team and their shop fitters to make improvements to the functionality of the lock, to suit their particular requirements. A modification to the Solo has now been developed to incorporate a sophisticated alarm system, along with other modifications to fit perfectly into the style of their new fixtures.
CEX have introduced PS Locks to 6 stores last year, using the modified Solo on all the new style cabinets, to test the model. The trial with PS Locks has been so successful that this new style concept for CEX will be significantly rolled out during 2017, with PS locks playing a fundamental part of the new and improved stores.

Foodie talk - Quail Digital at Booths

All staff at Booths Poulton communicate with Quail Digital

Booths are retailers of first class groceries with 31 stores located throughout the North of England. At between 18,000 and 25,000 square feet, they’re considered medium-sized supermarkets, but have always aimed to be a cut,  above, stocking the best local foods and ingredients with a policy of actively encouraging and searching out new suppliers.
Their philosophy , from the very first store Edwin Henry Booth opened in 1847 was and still is, “Sell the best goods available, in attractive stores, staffed with first class assistants.” Each store, in the varied locations, has its own unique identity, but what remains unchanged is the staff commitment to offering customers a first class shopping experience, where good staff are an asset and know their product enabling them to help deliver a friendly and informed shopping experience.
Intrepid have rolled out Quail digital to 25 Booths stores since 2013. Reliable digital communication between staff, made possible by using Quail digital throughout the store, has had massive benefits for the store group including enabling staff to solve problems faster, check stock and assist customers quickly, allocate staff where they are needed and reduce stock loss, all adding to a positive customer experience.
Team communication with Quail Digital couldn’t be simpler. 30 users can communicate over an area of up to 100,000 square metres, with no belt pack, cables or wires. Integral digital messaging can set up from wireless keypads, checkouts and remote order points, putting your staff where you need them. Improving team communication has proven massive benefits for your businesses. The system is ideal for any retail, restaurant, and business environments giving whole premises communication between staff, workstations, and help points. Wireless headsets are simple and professional, providing effective means for staff to be more productive and improve security in the workplace. Booths are continuing the roll out of Quail Digital in their new stores.
Paul Newbury who has overseen the implementation of Quail Digital into Booths for Intrepid is pleased with the way the
staff have really worked with the system. “We worked for a while with Booths piloting Quail Digital in a few of their stores to make sure the system worked for them, the stores and the customers. The results were very obvious right from the start. The increased customer service and reduced waiting times, especially at checkouts, were evident and resulted in the full roll-out throughout the group’.
Colin Porter, Customer Service Manager for Booth’s adds, “The system has been a great asset in our drive to provide a better and faster service for our customers. The other main benefit that has been gained is the increase in our in-store efficiency and practices, no longer do we have colleagues running around the sales floor looking for each other, they are able to communicate as a team instantly”

Artfully placed - CCTV at Cass Arts

Specialist art supplier Cass Arts

Mark Cass opened his first artists supply store in 1984, at 13 Charing Cross Road. Cass Art now have stores in the four corners of the capitol, as well as stores in Scotland, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, with a large proportion of sales also boosted by their online presence. The company has a manifesto to encourage art for all, employing artists on the shop floor, with specialist knowledge in paper, paints and other media, making it a model in customer service, not often found in other retail areas such as fashion.
The rise in the popularity of adult colouring books has clearly had a boosting effect for artist’s supplies retailers, and although it’s not clear whether the rise of adult colouring books has come at the expense of
sales in other categories, the impact of the craze can be seen in various corners of the retail industry: Barnes & Noble, in the US, have said that strong demand for colouring books and artist supplies has provided a tailwind for the chain’s total sales in the 2016. With a mantra of ‘you can’t make good art with bad materials’ Cass Arts are a great fit as a customer for Intrepid.
Through a recommendation within their business, In 2014, intrepid became the approved provider of the CCTV systems for the group and have since worked with Cass Arts to replace old systems and upgrade existing.
Intrepid has also installed People counting in the Brighton and Birmingham stores, with other stores set to follow and also install People Counting in the wake of the success of the first stores. Data provided by the thermal people counters is used by Cass arts to plan staff and optimize store opening hours , as well as analyse conversion rates.
Paul Newbury, who has overseen the project for Intrepid says, “I couldn’t be more pleased with the fact that
Cass Arts team has absolutely got the whole people counting idea and now they are able to use the data to
improve the running of the business and ultimately improve sales conversion rates“.