Keeping a watchful eye on staff, visitors and students in schools, colleges and public libraries

Intrepid has been pioneering the integration of intelligent CCTV systems as part of a total security solution since 1993. Systems designed to detect un-authorised entry into schools, colleges, and universities, as well as deter violent attacks and other incidents which might compromise the safety of staff and students. Our independence enables us to cherry pick the best equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers, and make your site safe by supplying and installing the most cost effective and reliable systems for each individual application.
The latest technology allows you to view premises on a traditional monitor or remotely from anywhere on and off site from a PC, tablet or smartphone.
We are constantly updating our knowledge of equipment through close liaisons and specialist training with our suppliers, providing us with the latest technical advancements as and when they happen.

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Why do I need CCTV?

A high quality CCTV system will give you 24/7 visibility into your premises, for the safety of staff, students and visitors

I've heard a lot about IP systems. What are they?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP camera has the ability to be networked and accessed remotely.

We are under tight budget restraints. How can I justify the cost?

The cost of a professional CCTV system, professionally installed is probably less than you think. As an experienced installer, we can often save you money by specifying the proper equipment required.

Can I have colour images?

Yes all our high definition cameras record in colour.

Can I upgrade my existing system?

Yes, depending on the age and condition of your existing system you won’t necessarily have to replace your equipment.

Where can I view my CCTV images?

You can view your camera system images from anywhere in the world on a PC, tablet to smartphone.