Indyme – Smart Response

Customer Help Buttons to help your staff respond to any event; stock enquiries, queues, fitting room requests and customers needing assistance. 

Sensors to detect any event; suspicious behavior, dwell and attention, response to marketing and in-store events.

Smart Response to send notifications to any device: screen, smartphone, radio or tablet.  

Smart Customer Call Buttons
Call buttons for every situation. Improve your customer service and increase pro-active sales by empowering your customer to call for assistance.

Smart Sensors

Smart Sense Dwell™ Presence Detection Dwell detects the presence of people within a defined area. When presence exceeds a defined threshold, the module sends out a notification.

Smart Sense Touch™ Merchandise Movement Detection The Touch detects the actual handling of merchandise and sends out notifications ranging from possible interest to suspected sweeps.

Smartfit™  Get access to real-time, actionable fitting room data, enabling you to increase conversion, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and reduce losses.

Any event
– Any customer request
– Request for cashier assistance or any other directory assistance requests
Video triggered events
Prolonged customer presence or merchandise movements
Any instore event that needs to be monitored

All events are accessible through Indyme’s secure cloud-based platform and is translated into useful reports and analytics

Any response
– Notifications can be sent through to any digital or radio communications.
– Smart Sense PVM intelligently switches between branding/marketing content to live camera feed, triggered only when     suspicious events are occurring.
– Smart PVM switches displays upon sensing suspicious activity.
– Smart Sense Remote Annunciator has the power of local audio deterrence. The device broadcasts messages once it detects certain activities.
– Send notifications to PDA’s and mobile devices and broadcast notifications through PA systems.
– Smart response integrates with any communication device currently used in store.
– Smart Response™ sends instant notifications to store associates, allowing real-time event response.

Occupancy Awareness and Dwell Time
– Traffic Conversion
– Shrink Occurrences
– Response Time and Inspection Compliance
– Capacity Utilization

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Smart Sense Dwell
Detect and monitor customer dwell times.
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Smart Sense Touch
Real time awareness of actual merchandise touches.
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Smart Public View monitor
Differentiate between normal shopping and suspicious behaviour
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Smart Sense Solution Suite
Network of low cost sensors to monitor your entire sales floor
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Smart Fit Fitting Room
Properly manage your fitting rooms to increase conversion rates
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Smart Fit TrueView
Enhance the customer experience in the fitting room by eliminating unflattering lighting.
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Customer Help Button
A portfolio of Shopper Help Buttons for every situation
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Smart Fit – Smart Portal
SmartFit’s sensor detects occupancy, data logs event and duration.
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