People counters

You cannot measure what you can’t count!

Intrepid has pioneered the integration of People Counters in retail and non-retail environments for many years. The idea of counting footfall has applications and benefits in many different retail environments and the potential data is invaluable for business planning, staffing, merchandising and retail operations, potentially saving your business £’s adding to your profits.

Customers versus sales – Are you maximizing your potential conversions? You can, if you understand what works by analyzing dwell time.

Busy and slack times and days – Find out when your customers are more likely to come through your doors and make your opening hours more productive to increase sales. Merchandising effectiveness – measure the success of promotional lines by measuring your sales versus footfall.

Staff versus customers – Plan your staffing more efficiently with footfall counts on times and days.

Intrepid supply and install all types of people counters; from simple battery operated to software integrated, either stand alone, bespoke into the shop fit or EAS system antenna.

With the added support of over 30 years of retail knowledge, Intrepid will work with you to analyze, digest and act on the data to increase your ROI. We install people counters in many different environments, from major fashion retailers to schools, colleges, museums and libraries, to provide invaluable attendance and customer information to improve services, increase sales and optimize staffing levels.

Battery People Counter with USB

This versatile battery powered counter sensor, can be used
where no network is available and detailed valuable data is

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Data and dashboard options

A web based dashboard, allowing access through any smart phone, tablet or PC.

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Thermal DualView

IP enabled thermal detection and video counter.

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Simple Battery People Counter

Bi-directional battery powered wireless people counter: Battery sensor with display people counter.

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