Reliable digital team communication for improved customer service

Quail Digital Team Communication, reliable high-quality digital team communication for improved customer service. Quail Digital is designed to improve team productivity in a host of different environments including retail, hospitality, and business. Lightweight ergonomically designed headsets will enable your staff to give customers a better experience when solving queries, helping people seeking assistance, locating stock, finding the expert within your store, faster.

Team communication with Quail Digital couldn’t be simpler. The system comprises hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets. Up to 30 users can communicate over an area of up to 200,000 sq ft and you have the option to integrate the headsets with checkout keypads, POS systems, customer help points and passive alarm systems, all designed to improve your customer service. No cumbersome belt packs, cables or wires. Wireless digital messaging can put your staff in the right place, at the right time.

Improving team communication has proven massive benefits for your business including:

– Reduced queues at checkout. Call staff to action when and where they are needed.
– Queries solved quicker. Provide customers with fast access to your in-store expertise.
– Staff allocated where needed. Customer service, tills collection points can all have direct call action buttons.
– Reduced stock loss and improved security.
– Communicate and suspicious activity quickly across the shop floor.
– Reliable, clear communication enables staff to be more productive, improving sales

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Quail Digital

Communication is the key element in the retail experience, for both customers and staff. Get it right, and your customers will come back, your staff will stay motivated.

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