Quividi – Gender and age detection

Real time targeted information and marketing opportunities.

Quividi is an automated audience measuring program which provides instantaneous and continuous data for immediate use. It can be integrated within any Intrepid Security EAS tagging system or installed as a stand-alone application, using standard video sensors. The system can be customized to produce a wide range of data for Retail operations, merchandising and PR including:

– Gender and age detection
– Dwell time
Attention time and glances
Conversion ratios
Merchandising and advertising effectiveness

Targeted digital marketing based on real-time viewer demographics. Data can be used to create effective digital signage campaigns, providing real-time information for specific audience targeting. Digital signage is the way forward for retailers future proofing their advertising revenue. Footfall counters, can measure the store comings and goings, but what about escalator traffic? Gender?Age? Possible demographics?

Intrepid Retail, powered by Quividi software, can ensure your business optimizes footfall by giving invaluable marketing information, in real time, and based on criteria which the store will have specified, be able to formulate instantaneous, continuous and accurate marketing data: viewer count, dwell time, attention time, glances, age group and gender data all translate into a reliable data source, which can be offered as added value to premium brands planning their marketing strategies within a store.

Using discreet IP cameras, built into a video wall, superfast facial detection and analysis– in as little as 125 milliseconds – and using the existing network, IT integration is simple and uploading data, is as fast as connecting to the internet. The software is also able to trigger gender and age specific advertising.

Know your customer better with Quividi and sell smarter.

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Know your customer to show your customer. Automated audience measuring and age and gender detection.

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