Sentryway CurveTrack

Technology – Precision – Discretion

Sentryway CurveTrack is the worlds’ only traveling operational camera system, silently running on a unique curved track, the camera position impossible to detect from the floor and is capable of monitoring 100% of your sales floor. The system offers the option of fully automatic or manual operation to give you complete control over the camera’s functionality: routes, times and speeds can all be specifically programmed for your location. With full HD traveling twin cameras, CurveTrack gives you full IP technology for maximum clarity. More effective and versatile than any other camera system available.

CurveTrack gives you the means to observe and monitor your sales floor to evaluate  how efficient your customer flow works through the store, as well as  the ability to track merchandising effectiveness, general store monitoring, staff safety and efficiency, health and safety as well as product security; giving real time direct remote access to store operations to senior management via any handheld mobile device, pad or PC anywhere in the world and much, much more.

SentryWay CurveTrack gives you:

– 100% coverage over the whole shop floor
– Up to 180o turns in any configuration 360 degrees pan tilt range to see into every corner
– x 20 optical zoom with full HD resolution

SentryWay CurveTrack is available exclusively from Intrepid Retail in the UK.

SentryWay CurveTrack in Action

SentryWay CurveTrack. Innovative operational and surveillance video for the shop floor, stockroom, warehouse, and distribution centers.
The track can be built to the exact specification of your building to travel into and around corners to give you total visibility.

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Technology. Precision. Discretion

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