Vendiis Smart RFID – Show Tell Sell

Give your customers the ultimate in-store buying experience with interactive retail systems designed to boost sales. Vendiis is a portfolio of RFID driven, in-store, interactive, customer engagement systems, designed to bring the fun of the internet shopping experience and bricks and mortar shopping together, to give your customer the ultimate shopping experience.

A Virtual fitting room, try on before you buy with a clever magic mirror that moves the clothes on your body as if you had actually tried it on. Customers can make the first selection on the shop floor with the magic mirror garments they prefer, and then go to the fitting room to see which actual size fits.

Detects garments with a RFID tag taken into each fitting room. This information can be used to interact with the customer through a touch screen, allowing the customer to ask for another size or color without leaving the fitting room. The retailer has the opportunity to upsell by also recommending complementary products.

Is an interactive display and product recommendation and cross-selling system. Using RFID technology and a display to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores, who will see images of the products they have picked up, detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations. Customers can also post items they love to their social media.

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Use RFID technology to enhance the customer experience with interactive product recommendations and styling advice.

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Portable product recommendation and cross selling on smart phones and tablets.

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High Power RFID reader with hard tag detacher

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RFID tag encoding station

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Cloud based RFID handheld reader

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Cloud based RFID software platform for remotely managing Vendiis RFID systems

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